Principal's Message

Our mission "To provide a safe and caring learning environment which supports the successful development of all", signals our promise to support each student to reach their potential. This is accomplished, in part, by the hard work and dedication of our staff who design opportunities for students to contribute to a community of care that supports their own and other students' sense of belonging, generosity, mastery and independence. We endeavour to learn about the interests of our students to ensure our instructional approaches allow them to engage and share their voices. At LCS, we also believe the foundation of any classroom, school and community is strong relationships. As such, we strive to honour the unique knowledge of parents and families and engage with them as partners in learning, collaborating to co-create experiences for children. As the principal of the school, I look forward to meeting you and serving Langenburg and the surrounding area.

Yours in Education,

Dr. Brandon Needham 
Principal, Langenburg Central School​